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Halloween Horrors! 2012




Greetings boys and ghouls, the Monster Librarian here to help you ring in a frightfully fun Halloween. 



Halloween Horrors!


We here at are pleased to announce the fourth annual “Halloween Horrors!” horror book review event. Starting on October 1st outstanding horror fiction review sites will come together to create a virtual guide to titles that will keep readers up at night.    


“Halloween Horrors!” is an excellent way for librarians to get acquainted with horror genre titles both mainstream and small press.  The event provides a tool to help librarians with reader’s advisory and collection development as well as become familiar with online review resources for what can be a challenging genre.  


Each participating review site will have a project page dedicated to reviews of horror genre books that links to the other participating sites’ review pages. We will also be including a list of book recommendations that can be paired with horror movies to promote reading horror.


Halloween Horrors! blog posts:


It Happened At Halloween- Scary Books for the Middle Grades






Participating sites in this year’s project include, Horrorworld, Horror Fiction Review, and Spooky-Reads. Each site will be updating their page and reviews throughout the month so remember to visit often


The Horror Fiction Review's Halloween Horrors! page is here.



Horrorworld's Halloween Horrors! page is here.


Spooky Read's Halloween Horrors! page is here.




Reviews at for Halloween Horrors! will be listed below.   First reviews will be posted October 2nd.


For the first part of our Halloween Horrors! reviews we have:

In our adult Thrillers section:


Rhonda Wilson reviews Freak by Jennifer Hillier.

In our adult Horror Anthologies section:


Dave Simms reviews Sick Chick Flicks by John Skipp, A Book of Horrors edited by Stephen Jones, and The Circle by Bentley Little.


In the adult Zombies section:

Benjamin Franz reviews Dead Things by Matt Darst.


In the adult Urban Fantasy-Horror Adventure section:

Patricia O. Mathews reviews The Sleeping and the Dead by Jeff Crook and Last Regressby Rachael J. Thorne.


In our adult Supernatural Horror section:

Benjamin Franz reviews Heart of Glass by David Winnick and The Caretakers by Adrian Chamberlin.


In the adult Killer Animal section and part of our Banned Books Week coverage we have Benjamin Franz reviewing Stephen King’s Cuj0.


In our adult Horror Anthology and Collected Works section:

Rhonda Wilson reviews A Succubus for Halloween by M.E. Hydra.

In our adult Supernatural Horror section:

Rhonda Wilson reviews Hell Manor by Lisa Morton.

In our young adult Supernatural Horror section:

Rhonda Wilson reviews The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief by Charles Day.

In our Scary Books for Kids section:

Rhonda Wilson reviews Scary School #2: Monsters on the March by Derek the Ghost.

For a special Halloween treat Lisa Morton wrote a guest post in our Musings of the Monster Librarian blog on the Ten Classic of Halloween Fiction.




For teachers and librarians, Kirsten Kowalewski has put together a reading list of Halloween titles that you can print here.



Halloween horror titles for adults

Below is a list of horror titles set on or around Halloween.


Orangefield by Al Sarrantonio
Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge
The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury and Joseph Mugnaini
Halloween edited by Paula Guran
October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween edited by Richard Chizmar
All Hallow's Eve by Richard Laymon
October by Al Sarrantonio
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
Yellow Moon by David J. Searls
The Manse by Lisa Cantrell
Torments by Lisa Cantrell
By Wizard Oak by Peter Crowther
Halloween Horrors edited by Alan Ryan
Johnny Halloween : tales from the Dark Season by Norman Partridge
Black And Orange by Benjamin Kane Etheridge
A Soul to Steal by Rob Blackwell
Ghost Road Blues by Jonathon Maberry
Dead Man's Song by Jonathon Maberry
Bad Moon Rising by Jonathon Maberry
Demon Theory by Stephen Graham Jones
The Night Country by Stewart O'Nan
Halloween: New Poems Edited by Al Sarrantonio
The Nightrunners by Joe R. Lansdale
Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King
The Samhanach by Lisa Morton.
The Watching by Paul Melniczek

Frightful October by Paul Melniczek
A Halloween Harvest by Paul Melniczek
Dark Harvest by Paul Melniczek
A Haunted Halloween by Paul Melniczek
When the Leaves Hall by Paul Melniczek


Share a Scare


As part of Halloween this year we are again encouraging everyone to Share a Scare this Halloween!



This message is brought to you by the wonderful folks at Spook House Dave! .and

For those looking for ways to share a scare might we suggest:


Share a horror anthology with some friends, with each person reading a story and sharing it with the others.  Stop by our Horror Anthologies page for some titles you might enjoy.

Read a scary story to a child, check our Halloween list for kids for some ideas


Tell some stories around the campfire or see if your local storytelling organization is holding an event.


Check out your local library to find a scary storyhour.


Listen to a podcast or CD with your family or students.


Try a book discussion. If you're feeling brave, try discussing it with your mom.


Go to a nursing home or assisted living facility and share a scary story with some of the residents- they may have a few tales to tell you, too!


Horror movies can lead to great horror reads...

Watching a few scary movies, it is a tradition for many at Halloween, when the various TV shows are running marathons of movies that make us go eek!   This Halloween we encourage you to check out a book or two after you watch your favorite movie and share it with a friend.

If you liked the zombie movie Night of the Living Dead

   then try reading  World War Z by Max Brooks,   Dead Sea by Brian Keene,

  The Plague of the Dead by Z A Recht , or Day by Day Armageddon by J. L. Bourne

Click here for more horror book recommendations based on horror movies.

Halloween titles for children

We have been collecting a growing list of Halloween themed books for kids, take a look here









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