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The Monster Librarian Presents:

Horror Fiction Releases for 2010


    If you are a librarian you are probably thinking, "If I only knew when some of these wonderful horror novels were coming out that I want to add to my collection I could properly budget for them"  If you are a fan of horror fiction you might be thinking, "If I only knew when the next great horror book, novella, or anthology was coming out then I would know when I will have to get that second job to pay for all of this (or, alternatively, harass your local librarian)." I have put together a list of upcoming releases. This is by no means an exhaustive list and is sure to be updated, modified, and corrected. 


Date Cover Title Author Publisher Reviewed
    He Stepped Through Nate Southard Bloodletting Press  
    That Olde Black Magick Bob Freeman Bandersnatch Books  
    Death in Common Rich Ristow(ed) Bandersnatch Books  
    Raiju (Kaiju Hunter Book 1) Karen Koehler Tokusatsu Press  
    Crimson Gord Rollo Bad Moon Books  
    Strange Magic Gord Rollo Leisure Books  
    Blind Panic Graham Masterton Leisure Books  
    Vicious Romantic Wrath James White Bandersnatch Books  
    The People on the Island T.M. Wright Bandersnatch Books  
    Xombies: Apocalypticon Walter Greatshell Ace  
    Crowley's Window Gord Rollo Sideshow Press  
    Darkness on the Edge of Town Brian Keene Leisure Books  
    Scissors Ray Garton Leisure Books  
    The Dreadful Dr. Faust Karen Koehler Bandersnatch Books  
    Hiram Grange & The Chosen One Kevin Lucia Shroud Publishing  
    Deadfall Shaun Jeffrey Leucrota Press  
    Foodchain Jeff Jacobson Five Star Press  
    Friday Night in Beast House Richard Laymon Leisure Books  
    *Snow Ronald Malfi Leisure Books  
    Biohazard Tim Curran Severed Press  
    The Beastly Bride Ellen Datlow(ed) Viking  
    Creatures of the Pool Ramsey Campbell Leisure Books  
    Dweller Jeff Strand Leisure Books  
    Zombie Zoology   Severed Press  
    The Man of Mystery Hill Tracy Carbone Echelon Press  
    The Bridge John Skipp & Craig Spector Leisure Books  
    Sparrow Rock Nate Kenyon Leisure Books  
    The Dead Parade James Roy Daley Bad Moon Books  
    Dark Awakenings Matt Cardin Mythos Books  
    Dark Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction and Fantasy Ellen Datlow editor Prime Books  
    The End of Church Street Greg Hall Belfire Press  
    Passing Strange Daniel Waters Hyperion  
    Joyride Jack Ketchum Leisure Books  
    Night Souls L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims Leisure Books  
    Best New Zombie Tales James Roy Daley Books of the Dead  
    Kutter Jeff Strand Cargo Cult Press  
    Sideshow W.M. Ollie Dark Regions Press  
    Absentminded Voni Ryan Belfire Press  
    Death in Common Rich Ristow Needfire  
    Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow Richard Wright Shroud Publishing  
    Collecting Darkness: 10 Years of Delirium Books H Michael Casper and Larry Roberts Delirium  
    Wormfood Jeff Jacobson Medallion Press  
    The Memory Tree John R Little Bad Moon Books  
    A Host of Shadows Harry Shannon Dark Regions Press  
    Do-overs and Detours: the short weird fiction of Steve Vernon Steve Vernon Dark Regions Press  
    Charnel Wine: Memento Mori Edition Richard Gavin Dark Regions Press  
    Monsters, Zombies, Vampires & Ghouls James Roy Daley Library of the Living Dead  
    DeadBait 2.0   Severed Press  
    Sally Pinup T.M. Wright Squid Salad Press  
    Descendant:A Wolf & Crow Investigation Bob Freeman Belfire Press  
    Little Things John R Little Bad Moon Books  
    Horror Library Vol. 4 R.J.Cavender Cutting Block Press  
    The Emerald Burrito of Oz Skipp & Levinthal Eraserhead Press  
    Haunted Legends Ellen Datlow(ed) Tor  
    Knights of Breton Court Volume 1: King Maker Maurice Broaddus Angry Robot Books  
    Knights of Breton Court Volume 2: King's Justice Maurice Broaddus Angry Robot Books  
    Orpheus and the Pearl Kim Paffenroth Belfire Press  
    Valley of the Scarecrow (softcover) Gord Rollo Leisure Books  
    Valley of the Scarecrow (hardback limted edition) Gord Rollo Dark Regions Press  
    Werewolves and Shapeshifters John Skipp editor Blackdog  
    Angel of Silence Simon Bestwick Pendragon Press  
    Wine and Rank Poison Allyson Bird Dark Regions Press  
    Dead West: 13 Tales of Murder and Mayhem Scott Colbert Bandersnatch Books  
    The Beast Within 2   Graveside Tales  
    The Brainpan Concerto Kurt Newton Sideshow Press  


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