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World War I and II Horror Fiction List

War is horror in and of itself, but it is also a ripe ground as a setting for horror fiction.  If you are interested in reading some horror either set in or as a consequence of World War I or II here is list of some titles to start you off with:


The Wolf's Hour by McCammon, Robert (werewolves)
The Night Boat by McCammon, Robert (zombies) (reviewed here)
The Devils of D-Day by Masterson, Graham (supernatural)
Shadows in the Mist by Moreland, Brian
Blue Devil Island by Rainey, Stephen Mark (chuthulu) (reviewed here)
Dark and Deadly Valley edited by Heffernan, Mark (anthology)
The Keep by Wilson, F Paul (supernatural)
Dogs of War by Ruthenback, Steve (werewolves) (reviewed here)
Bloody Red Baron by Newman, Kim (vampires)
Werewolvess by Ahern, Jerry and Sharon (werewolves)

Bloodline (reviewed here)

Fiends of the Eastern Front: The Blood Red Army by Bishop, David(vampires)

Fiends of the Eastern Front: Operation Vampyr by Bishop, David(vampires)

Dragon of the Mangroves by Kasai, Yasuyuki (killer animals)(reviewed here)



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