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Mummy Horror Titles

Looking for something old, Egyptian, and deadly wrapped up in linen?  Here are some tales of terror featuring mummies!


Mummy's Tomb edited by John Richard Stevens
Return from the Dead: A Collection of Mummy Stories edited by David Stuart Davies
Mummy Stories by Martin H. Greenberg
Mummy: Stories of the Living Corpse Edited by Peter Haining
Into the Mummy's Tomb Edited by John Richard Stephens
Mummy!, edited by Bill Pronzini

The Mummy (or Rames the Damned) by Anne Rice
To Wake the Dead by Richard Laymon
Blood Lines by Tanya Huff
Mongster by Randall Boyll
Long Night of the Grave by Charles Grant.
To Wake the Dead (aka Amara in the UK) by Richard Laymon.
The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker.
The Mummy's Curse by C.E. Albertson
The Mummy Walks Among Us, edited by Vic Ghadalia
Dark Resurrection by Michael Paine
Cities of the Dead by Michael Paine
Mary Gaunt had a title named "The Mummy Moves"
In the Dwellings of the Wilderness by C. Bryson Taylor
The Palgrave Mummy by F.M. Pettee
The Mummy: Dark Resurrection by Michael Paine
The Attraction by Douglas Clegg
King Tut-Ankh-Amun by Archie Bell
Scarabus by Karen Koehler
The Mummy by Max Allen Collins (film adaptation)
The Mummy Returns by John Whitman (film adaptation)
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emporer by Max Allan Collins (film adaptation)

The Essential Guide to Mummy Literature by Brian J. Frost



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