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Interview with Devyn Quinn

by Rhonda Wilson


Devyn Quinn is the author of numerous paranormal romance and paranormal erotica novels.  Her newest and first release as mass market is Sirenís Call, the first in her Dark Tides trilogy.  Additionally she has released such titles as Sins of the Flesh, Flesh and the Devil, Possession, and many others.  Quinn also has a novella featured in Sexy Beast VIII, which is a series of novels consisting of paranormal novellas by various authors. 

RW: Hi Devyn! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for our Monster Librarian Readers. 

DQ: Thank you for the invite, Rhonda. I appreciate it. 

RW: Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in the writing industry? 

DQ: Not much to tell, really. I was born in a small farming community and still live in the area to this day. Iíve moved around and traveled a little in pursuit of various jobs, but in the end I decided to give up the career and pursue my dream of writing. It meant down-scaling my life, but since people usually do that after a divorce I didnít find the move difficult to make at all.  

RW: Who have been your writing inspirations throughout the years? 

DQ: I have many authors that I admire, but I would have to say my biggest inspirations have come from my friends and critique partners who also write. Watching them struggle with their own careers, take the highs and the lows, was always the thing that kept me going when I was ready to toss in the towel and return to the 9-5 world.  

RW: Do you have a set schedule or a certain time frame each day/week to write? 

DQ: I usually write from noon to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. My daily word goal is 1500. Once I make that if I feel like continuing, I will go on. If not, Iíll shut down the file and know Iíve made the dayís work count.

RW: You just released your first mass market paperback, Siren's Call, Congratulations!!! Can you tell our readers a little bit about this novel? 

DQ: Sirenís Call is the first book in the Dark Tides trilogy which introduces three mermaid sisters in search of their lost heritage. Centuries ago the Mer moved onto land and integrated with humans. The sisters are curious about the Mer people and strike out on a journey to rediscover their people, and the powers of a mermaid. 

RW: What inspired you to start a series based on mermaids in particular? 

DQ:  I actually did not propose mermaids to NAL. Lindsay Nouis, then the editor I had submitted a dark slayer proposal to, emailed my agent and asked for something with a mermaid theme. I wrote up a proposal and had my agent submit it, even though I didnít think it would lead to anything. I was quite surprised when Lindsay made an offer on the series after I made a few tweaks to the world building.    

RW: There are three mermaid sisters in this book.Do you feel that you closely relate to any one more than the other? 

DQ: LOL, I definitely relate to Tessa, the oldest sister. I am prickly and used to being on my own. So when someone uninvited disturbs my routine I do get bent out of shape.  

RW: Siren's Call is the first in a new series for you. Without revealing any spoilers, can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from future titles in this series? 

DQ: Each book will focus on a different sister and her feelings about being a mermaid living in the human world. Tessa longs to find her lost heritage, even though she knows the Mer also have a place in the human world. Gwen, the middle sister, tries to deny her Mer heritage and the powers that come with it because she doesnít want to be viewed as a freak in the human world. Addison, the youngest sister, is determined to bring down the walls of secrecy surrounding the Mer and fully integrate them into the world so they wonít have to hide any more.  

RW: Even though Siren's Call is your first mass market release, you've got MANY other books out in bookstores already in trade paperback format. How does it feel to finally have a mass market joining your trade paperbacks on the shelf? 

DQ: Iím very excited to make the move into mass market. It took a lot of hard work but it was well worth the effort.

RW: Many of your previous novels are paranormal erotica. Do you have a favorite among them that you could tell our readers about? 

DQ: One of my favorite titles is Flesh and the Devil, my debut book with Kensington. Unfortunately it did not do well. Part of that had to do with the cover, which nobody seemed to get (neither did I, for that matter). Boots and sand for a dark vampire erotic novel? I donít think so. Readers stayed away because the cover scared them, LOL 

RW: Having just recently read Sins of the Flesh and its sequel, Sins of the Night, I was wondering if there will possibly be any more coming out in this series? 

DQ: After my editor left her position, Kensington declined to continue the series. I am presently talking to another press about taking on the series and continuing the Kynn books at a later date.

RW: In addition to your titles being available in print, most are also available in e-book format. How do you feel about the transitions taking place in the writing industry to the electronic format? 


DQ: Although I understand there are some people who like the convenience of e-books (no limits on shopping hours, cheaper prices), I am not a fan of the format. E-books are much too easy to pirate, which costs authors untold amounts in lost royalties. On the personal side, I stare at a screen all day at work. When I shut down the computer for the evening, the last thing I want to do is look at a screen to read a book. I prefer print and always will. And for those who say you have to try it before you judge, I do have an e-book reader and I donít like it or use it to read e-books.  

RW: What projects are you currently working on and when can we expect to see more Devyn Quinn titles in bookstores? 

DQ: Iíve just finished the second book in the Dark Tides, Sirenís Surrender, and I am presently writing on Bad Demon Rising (title tentative), the first book in my Darkness Descending (title tentative) series. Iíll be turning that book over to my editor around the middle of September, and then I will take a well-deserved break from the computer before jumping into the third Dark Tides book. 

RW: Where is the best place for our librarians and readers to find out more about Devyn Quinn on the internet? 

DQ: www.devynquinn.comRW:  Thanks again for answering a few questions so that our readers can get to know a bit more about you. 


DQ: Thank you for inviting me, Rhonda!


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